Why Bad Things Happen to Good People – Part 2

We often ask why bad things happen to good people, or us. In the case of disease, it a passionate question and cry from victims and their loved ones. 

This question, and the suffering experienced or witnessed by many, causes people to doubt faith and Divine goodness. Many resent their Source and have anger at that which they cannot understand.  They see injustice in their world, and they do not understand, or accept, the causal genesis of what they experience.  Instead of asking the question ‘why’ to learn, they ask the question ‘why’ as a victim’s cry.

When they resent the very Source of their life, of which they live inside, they actually poison themselves.  It is like swimming upstream as a fish without gills. They cut themselves off from the very breath of their energetic sustenance by the act of repudiating it.  They cannot draw light from that which they resent; it is a matter of being out of frequency and, hence, unable to tune in and receive.

The truth is that there are no coincidences or circumstances created without a reason. Everything we experience and must deal with in our life is for learning, creating, or redemption.

When it comes to illness, we have influences that originate physically or energetically causing conditions to manifest and create challenges and lessons that accompany it. Examples include:  past lives and their karma, genetics and inheritance, personal behavior and habits, or being a victim of chance.

In many cases, health challenges have created great cures, technologies, or personal motivations that have changed world history. In other situations, challenges have caused negative people to redeem themselves and make great contributions. And yet in others, wicked people have suffered as a form of forced repentance that hopefully clears karmic debts. The possibilities are endless and cannot be comprehended, but all happens for a reason, and it is up to each of us to create positives from everything inflicted upon us and push forward developing the self and soul.

Pain and suffering are an energetic experience of consciousness.

But, nature does not want us to experience misery. Rather it creates a palette from which we can create our life, experience, and contributions.

Nature is a system that bestows and takes life in a mysterious balance which subjects itself upon us as part of the condition of participating in life. Nature expresses itself as beauty and makes us happy – experiencing, enjoying, and living from the fruits of its bounty.  As such, it does not require the suffering that people bring upon themselves.

Nature is not a thing, but an energetic environment in which we exist that inflicts laws and conditions upon us. It seeks to maintain equilibrium of health and sustainability, despite the challenges made against it.  Living within nature, and God, our natural state is to have homeostasis, or health. And when we do not, we are supposed to create positives from it, or evolve ourselves and our karma, to create a more favorable path for our soul’s evolution.

Nevertheless, generations and generations have brought into life all types of conditions and illness. We have seen plagues caused by poor hygiene, epidemics, chronic diseases caused by diet, toxic waste poisoning entire localities, and cancers brought about from smoking. And the list goes on.

Disease was not sent by the Creator as punishment. It is foolish to harbor the idea that higher forces would afflict innocent as well as the wicked with suffering. People have generated the vast bulk of infectious and chronic diseases through intemperance and filth. Or they become victims of others that create an environment or situation that leads to the demise of victims.  Mankind has created the negative energetic resonance as part of its imperfect consciousness. The blame is not the Source, but the unenlightened brethren.

In short, man takes nature, and to a large extent his own health, into a state of decline which manifests as disease. It starts with action, and that originates in consciousness energetically.  What is created or perceived by man is born in consciousness and then becomes a physical reality based on that energy taking life.

We are in control of our energy and all that is manifested.  And further, we are here to evolve as a species, so overcoming disease or finding redemption through suffering is part of the deal of being part of the human species and experience.

The human race is here to evolve to a full potential where we live with the Divine power that is nested within our bodies in our souls. We must heal and evolve ourselves, as a species, before the reality of Divine greatness is at our disposal without a second thought. In order for us to create the next generation of human possibility for our descendants, we must purify our souls and, hence, future lives. This is what nature and Divine providence desire.

Illness, disease, and suffering purify our soul through teaching us or repaying karmic debts. Unfortunately, they are part of the curriculum through which we live. One way or another, man finds redemption: he discovers it and incorporates it into life, he suffers and learns it, or he has to be reborn again and again living through the same pain until he overcomes his negativity.

Negative experience is an energetic force that teaches man to bring about higher states and potential. This is why bad things happen to people: they are being given opportunities to clear the debts they incurred or to achieve greatness.

This reality is not easy to take, and we must meet challenges head-on with acceptance and find positive meaning. When we transcend suffering and receive its lessons, we become masters of the energy that creates the future.

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